Welcome to Ambience'11

...where art, technology and design meet

An international conference and exhibition, which welcomes researchers and artists/designers/architects to the University of Borås  28-30 November 2011.

The Ambience conference focuses on the intersections and interfaces between technology, art and design. The first international conference in the Ambience series was held in Tampere, Finland in 2005. In Tampere 2005 the basic theme was “Intelligent ambience, including intelligent textiles, smart garments, intelligent home and living environment”. In Borås 2008 it was “Smart Textiles – Technology & Design” and in Borås 2011 it will be the new expressional crossroads where art, design, architecture and technology meet; digital architecture, interaction design, new media art and smart textiles.

With a foundation in artistic practice the conference will be organized as a meeting place where art, design, architect and technology communities can come together to discuss and share ideas on the interfaces between art and technology development; a place where art, design, architecture and technology can meet and interact, to inform each other, and to bring new ideas back to their own community.

The conference will include sessions for paper presentations as well as an exhibition for the presentation of art, design and architectural work.

We welcome contributions from the areas of art, design and architecture where new technology plays a key role and also contributions from areas of technology where focus is on applications in contemporary art, design and architecture.

Keynote speakers will introduce discussions about, and critical reflections on, the future development of the intersections between artistic practice and technology. Concerts and performances will also display artistic perspectives on modern technology.

The conference is organized by The University of Borås in cooperation with Tampere University of Technology and is a part of the Smart Textiles Initiative – www.smarttextiles.se

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